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The agricultural fertilizer market has seen a steady growth in global demand in the past six years, which is forecast to amount to 188 million metric tons in 2017/18. This development is reflected in a constant increase of monthly prices for fertilizers and soil improvers in the United Kingdom (UK), reaching an index value of 98.2 in December 2017, up from 93.9 in January. In 2016, the most fertilizer demanding crops in Europe were wheat and coarse grains, making up more than half of all fertilizers used.

The UK market for fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium has seen a decline in sales value between 2010 and 2016, amounting to 305 million British pounds in 2016. This figure translates into roughly 1.2 million metric tons of these fertilizers being sold. In contrast to chemical fertilizers, the sales value of animal and vegetable fertilizers has been increasing in these seven years, coming in at 28.9 million British pounds in 2016. The volume sold was 167 thousand metric tons that same year.

Out of all English regions, the North East and Yorkshire & Humber consumed the most phosphate fertilizers, with an average of 27 kilograms per hectare used in 2015/16. The English average that year was 19.3 kilograms per hectare. This region was also the leading consumer of potash fertilizers, with 39 kilograms per hectare used, compared with 26 kilograms per hectare used on average across all English regions. However, in regards to the application of nitrogen fertilizers, the East of England proved to have the highest consumption, with an average of 131 kilograms per hectare used, which was 20 kilograms above the English average.

Overall, the UK had exported 398.4 million U.S. dollars worth of fertilizers in 2016, with imports amounting to 925.3 million U.S. dollars.

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