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The trucking industry in Canada refers to companies which are engaged in the transport of goods via truck. This includes both organizations who own and operate a private truck fleet to transport goods they produce themselves, as well as for-hire carriers who are contracted to carry goods produced by a different company. In 2016, the industry generated a total revenue of 37.9 billion Canadian dollars from almost 61 million shipments. Both these figures are slightly lower than at the industry’s peak in 2014, when shipments of 65.6 million tons of cargo generated 38.7 billion in revenue. However, the revenue per shipment of 621.80 Canadian dollars in 2016 is higher than in 2014, when only 588.94 Canadian dollars of revenue was generated per shipment.

As of 2016, just over 181,000 truck drivers were employed by the Canadian trucking industry, an increase of over 10,000 from 2011. Despite this increase, the prevailing view is that there is a shortage of truck drivers. The influence of this shortage is reflected in recent wage increases, which over this time period grew by 11.5 percent for males to an average of 45,681 Canadian dollars per year. Unfortunately female truck driver wages lag behind those of males, being on average just under 10,000 dollars per year lower in 2016. That imbalance is likely related to the fact that almost 97 percent of Canadian truck drivers are male.

By far the largest provider in the Canadian trucking market is TFI International, who operated a fleet of almost 35,000 trucks in 2017 and generated revenue of around 4.7 billion Canadian dollars. The next two largest players are Day & Ross Transportation and the Mullen Group, however the 2017 revenue figures for both these companies were below one billion dollars, and their fleet size is less than half of TFI International’s.

In addition to the transportation of goods, Canada also manufactures a large number of trucks. Canadian truck production is around double of the car production, with almost 120,000 trucks produced in February 2018. Even with the slight decline in the overall Canadian trucking market, the value of truck sales have seen strong year-on-year increases over recent times. Between 2014 and 2017, sales grew by of nearly 40 percent to 63 billion Canadian dollars. Sales growth is expected to continue into the future, albeit at a slower rate.

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